Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pizza Oven

Graham's wanted a pizza oven for ... well a very long time. We finally decided we'd bite the bullet and build one. After getting some quotes for someone to build the base for us, gheesh they were pricey, we decided to  do it ourselves. We went with Hebel block as it was inexpensive, strong and easy to work with.

We made it into a time capsule and put a note in it. Once the base was made, the really hard work began. We used a kit we bought from Bunnings, an Amalfi Oven. When it came time to lift the oven pieces onto the base, we had to get our friend John to come over and lend some muscle lifting the oven pieces up.

Once on, it was a race against the weather to put the insulation and then the mortar on. We had a bit of an issue when the flu didn't quite fit, but Graham was able to modify it to work. Then Graham sealed the top and painted it.

Next was the fun part - the look and feel of it. We selected some tiles which looked like piles of rocks, to finish off the bottom of the base, and chose to use ceramic tiles for the top as a working space;  we put some skinny brown tiles around the top edge to finish the look.

Rather than try to cut wierd shapes of top surface tiles to bring it in to the oven base edge, we decided to use grout and lovely pebbles and rocks and shells like they were strewn there by the sea. We've got a few more decorative touches to do, before we're finished but we think it's looking very nice.  The pizza it makes is outstanding!! We'll never have to go out again.

Here's the pictorial
Elwood likes to help

Hebel Block, much easier to work with
Laying out the bottom of the oven

Additional help from our friend John Handicott

Very heavy top bits

Men at work

Flu adjustments

All set up

Painting - I think it looks like a hippo - Our friend George keeps Graham company

Finishing the front - almost like teeth...

Tempering the oven - first flames

Tiling the top - base kick tiles on too

Fist Pizza night - I made George put on the apron for the photo...

Elwood - I can help

Elwood wants to be involved in the first pizza

Looking very nice.

Very first bite

Nice ambiance, you can see the frame of the Pergola too.

Making our little beach area on the top.

Elwood ever ready for anything that falls

Mmmmm Bellissimo!!
Hah! Spinning the dough, he's a natural.