Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jules makes - Ptolemy the Penguin

I saw these really cool Penguins made out of a terra cotta type of clay, the woman who makes them was putting on a workshop.  I'm in, I thought!!

I was so excited... from 10 - 2 I was absolutely immersed in this, and had a terrific time.


Approval from Eve, who put on the course

Ready for painting

The painting begins. It almost looks likes a Kookaburra doesn't it?

Now can  make the colours work?

Hmmm the texturing which seemed like such a good idea, certainly made it hard to paint.

Here it is.

Here he is... Ptolemy the Penguin

Ptolemy front view

Ptolemy the Penguin

I'm very pleased with how he's turned out.  Now I just wait for 6 weeks to see how the colouring turns out after he's fired.