Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bagel School

We had the most lovely family visit us, Cathy & Mat Rogers and their 5 kids Kimberly, Lilly, Lauchlan, Zac and Breeze, for Pizza.  They're travelling around Australia for a couple of years doing volunteer work along the way. Graham met them when he was working at Melaleuca. They popped over for a pizza visit  on their way over to a stint volunteering on Bruny Island, then came back for an afternoon Bagel Making 101 session on their way up to Triabunna.  We had a great time with them with everyone having a go, and 4 dozen extremely yummy bagels were created.

Graham set up our horse shoe pit. He's a natural so I'm going to have to practice.
New horseshoe pit
Notice the peanut gallery - they're always watching...
We had my old boss from GBRMPA in Townsville over - Mango and his wife Brigid for a pizza night. Mango's on his way down for a season working on Macquarie Island. 
Brigid and Mango Mangles - and Graham of course.
Next adventure was an abalone dive. Liam dove with Graham, they got enough for a nice feed.

Graham and Liam
Now that's a big one.
Preparing the Abalone
 This weekend not only did we dive for Abalone, Graham also started our garden project. He organised 4 pods and earth and spent all day Thursday setting them up.  We bought some winter seedlings, and Saturday we spent planting and putting netting over to keep the 'critters' out.
Farmer Graham with our first 2 pod gardens.